About MyPet

About MyPet

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General introduction about MyPet

Mypet Joint Stock Company (Mypet JSC) is a pioneer company in Vietnam applying technology to pet care in Vietnam, bringing benefits for both owners and business shops.

With Mypet, pet owners can save time and money on clinic/spa/hotel booking and pet transporting.

At the same time, the customers in the pet service business also have a chance to boost revenue and increase the number of customers when becoming a partner with Mypet.


Mypet always bears in mind that pets are like our friends and beloved members of each family. Therefore, with the advance of technology, pet care should be combined with modern techniques to come up with the best service experience to everyone.


Within 1 year after its launch, Mypet will expand its operating area to all provinces in Vietnam (the main operating areas are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City now), bringing utility services to all over the country.

From 500 cooperated shops and service centers, Mypet  will expand its network to thousands of shops and centers with hundreds of thousands of pet products and services on offer.

From here, Mypet hopes to create a new trend of comprehensive pet care with all the ideal elements: Variety, Quality, Economy, Convenience and Quickness.

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